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Remembering Sabrina: Britain’s forgotten blonde bombshell

Remembering the wonderful and underrated Sabrina (Norma Ann Sykes) who passed away on November 24th of 2016 at 80 years old — I am unfortunately posting this the day after but it’s the intention that counts.

Here she is pictured at Royal Ascot in 1957.

That was quite a controversy itself. Sabrina gate-crashed the royal enclosure at Ascot dressed in a low-neck organdy. As she didn’t have a ticket or was dressed appropriately, she ended up departing after about 15 minutes of getting photographed as reports state she was immediately asked to leave by the English racing authorities.

Nonetheless, the publicity achieved by this incident made headlines and helped put Sabrina in the public eye.

19 June 1957 – Daily Mirror

Sabrina graces the cover of SPAN Magazine

Joe Matthews (Sabrina’s manager) told newsmen that her neckline had a “cowl effect” and was “all right at eye level.” Adding that “It was quite proper for the royal enclosure”.

Sabrina also commented on the incident in 1960: “This was also the occasion when I gate-crashed the Royal Enclosure. It was unintentional, but what a furore it caused. All I wanted to do was to powder my nose, and the only ladies’ cloakroom that I could see was the other side of a barrier at one corner of the paddock enclosure…”

For anyone who is not familiar with Sabrina, she was Britain’s answer to Marilyn Monroe and especially Jayne Mansfield (who was also seen as an answer to Monroe) as she had bigger body measurements than Jayne.

Jayne Mansfield’s body measurements:
40-21-35 1/2 inches
Sabrina’s body measurements:
42.5-19-36 inches
I am obviosly aware of how ridiculous comparing those numbers is but having such an hourglass figure (naturally in these days of course) was very appealing to the public, especially if you were a sex symbol.
Even though Sabrina’s career in films didn’t take off, you should definitely check her out if you are not familiar with her and if you love learning about blonde bombshells!
Anyway, this is all I have to offer today but I am working on bigger plans for future posts. I hope to see you soon! Stay tuned! Xx

Main source for information on Sabrina:


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