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Remembering Sabrina: Britain’s forgotten blonde bombshell

Remembering the wonderful and underrated Sabrina (Norma Ann Sykes) who passed away on November 24th of 2016 at 80 years old — I am unfortunately posting this the day after but it’s the intention that counts. Here she is pictured at Royal Ascot in 1957. That was quite a controversy itself. Sabrina gate-crashed the royalContinue reading “Remembering Sabrina: Britain’s forgotten blonde bombshell”

A guide to the directors of the French New Wave

Hello everyone and welcome to my first official post on my blog! I am aware it took me a little while to start –I have been busy and my perfectionism doesn’t help– but I hope the wait was worth it and I’m excited about my plans for future posts on here. Today I’m posting aContinue reading “A guide to the directors of the French New Wave”